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  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 45'X14'
  • Park Home
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The Pathfinder Lighthouse 45’x14′ Sold

Key features

  • Constructed to meet BS362:2015 residential standards for mobile park homes.
  • CanExcel cladding & Resitex ensure durability and style, ideal for Kent’s countryside.
  • Dark Grey UPVC double-glazed doors and windows add sophistication and energy efficiency, perfect for Kent’s climate.
  • Brushed Chrome exterior lights enhance the home’s charm and safety.
  • Equipped with a dependable combi boiler, ensuring comfort during Kent’s seasons.
  • A fully integrated kitchen for modern convenience and culinary delight.
  • A feature entrance with an inverted hip adds character to this Kent mobile park home.
  • Outfitted with designer furniture, elevating the ambience of Spill Land Country Park in Kent.
  • Flat ceilings and contemporary design elements create a sleek atmosphere.

Property Description

Another Beautiful Park Home at Spill Land Country Park, Biddenden, Kent

Illuminate Your Lifestyle with the Pathfinder Lighthouse Park Home in Kent

Discover tranquillity and elegance in the heart of Kent with the Pathfinder Lighthouse Park home nestled within Spill Land Country Park in Biddenden. Designed to meet the highest standards, this 45’x14′ is an ideal 12 month retreat in the picturesque setting of Kent’s countryside.

Aesthetically Pleasing Interior

Step into a meticulously designed interior adorned with smooth finish walls, a modern feature fireplace, and contemporary statement furniture. Strategically placed windows and full-length glazed doors infuse natural light, creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere tailored for a relaxed mobile park home experience in Kent.

Luxurious Touches and Architectural Brilliance for Kent Mobile Park Homes

This two-bedroom mobile park home boasts an impressive exterior with a feature entrance, white stipple render, and dark grey window frames. Despite its luxurious appeal, this entry-level home maintains quality through clever engineering, making it an affordable yet refined choice.

Features Tailored for luxury

Embracing modernity and functionality, this Pathfinder Lighthouse Park home offers a suite of features.

Your Gateway to the Perfect Getaway in Kent

Imagine waking up to the tranquility of Spill Land Country Park, surrounded by Kent’s natural beauty. The Pathfinder Lighthouse Park home embodies refined elegance.

Whether you’re drawn to its architectural brilliance or luxurious interior the Pathfinder Lighthouse Park home in Spill Land Country Park will not disappoint.

Contact us today to immerse yourself in the elegance and sophistication of this idilic location. Experience the culture, tranquillity, and unparalleled beauty amidst the idyllic setting of Kent’s countryside.

Please contact us today to schedule a visit and experience the peaceful allure of Spill Land Country Park in Biddenden, Kent. Your tranquil retreat awaits amidst the rolling hills and serene surroundings.

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